Nita Limdi, Pharm.D., Ph.D., MSPH, FAHA

ProfessorDepartment of Neurology, University of Alabama, Birmingham

As a clinical pharmacist and chronic disease epidemiologist Dr Limdi brings 20 years of experience in clinical pharmacy, chronic disease epidemiology, and leadership in genomics research and implementation. She earned her Ph.D. in epidemiology and a Master of Science in Public Health from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and a doctorate in Pharmacy from Sanford University in Birmingham. In both her research and implementation efforts, she works to discover clinical, genetic variants and environmental factors influencing drug response and disease progression; elucidate racial disparities in drug response and identify factors contributing to these differences in drug response and disease burden; synthesize evidence to develop polygenic risk assessments for chronic diseases and implementation guidelines for genotype-guided drug therapy; implement genotype guided therapy in clinical care  to improve patient and population outcomes; and inform health policy and reimbursement strategies for pharmacogenetics/ genomics.

Oct 23 1:00 PM Personalized medicine today: policy, business, and medical practice

A discussion with industry leaders moderated by Edward Abrahams