Edward Abrahams, Ph.D.

President, Personalized Medicine Coalition

Dr. Abrahams is president of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, a membership-based educational and advocacy organization in Washington, D.C.  He was executive director of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association. Previously, he worked in government relations at both Brown and the University of Pennsylvania. He worked for the U.S. Congress, including as a legislative assistant for Senator Lloyd Bentsen, an economist for the Joint Economic Committee, and an AAAS Congressional Fellow for the House Interior Committee under the direction of Rep. Edward Markey. The author of numerous essays, Dr. Abrahams serves on the editorial board of Personalized Medicine and has taught history and public policy at Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Oct 23 1:00 PM Personalized medicine today: policy, business, and medical practice

A discussion with industry leaders moderated by Edward Abrahams