Winston Timp headshot

Winston Timp, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biomedical EngineeringJohns Hopkins University

Winston Timp is an associate professor in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.  His lab focuses on developing and applying sequencing technologies to gain a deeper understanding of biology and a more accurate set of clinical tools for human disease. Timp’s research integrates the principles of biophysics, molecular biology, and computational biology to create new tools for exploring the epigenomes and genomes of different lifeforms, ranging in size from the coronavirus to hummingbirds to California redwoods. Based on the knowledge gained from these studies, Timp and his lab apply their toolsets to clinical samples for the diagnosis, surveillance, and treatment of human disease. Recent projects in Timp’s lab include new sequencing methods to diagnose infectious disease, new methods to characterize RNA biology, and examining single molecule epigenetics of cancer.