Hagen Tilgner headshot

Hagen Tilgner, Ph.D.

Assistant ProfessorWeill Cornell Graduate School

Hagen Tilgner studied computer science in Germany and France, and after a brief stint in the UK, did his doctoral studies with Roderic Guigo at Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona. There he focused on RNA and the co-transcriptionality of splicing (see Tilgner et al, Genome Res, 2012 for example). His postdoctoral work at Stanford with Michael Snyder focused on technology development, specifically for long-read transcriptomics (see for example Sharon*, Tilgner*, Grubert, Snyder, Nature Biotechnology, 2013 or Tilgner*, Jahanbani*, Nature Biotechnology, 2015). He started his lab at Weill Cornell in New York City in 2016 focusing on technologies to decipher the actions of RNA isoforms in the brain. The lab is a multi-disciplinary lab, including wet-lab technology development (see for example single-cell isoform RNA sequencing, ScISOr-Seq, Gupta*, Collier*, Nature Biotechnology, 2018) and dry-lab approaches (see for example Joglekar et al, Nature Communications, 2021), where Maths/CS, molecular biology and neuroscience backgrounds interact to further our understanding of isoforms in healthy and diseased brain of humans and model organisms.