Fritz Sedlazeck headshot

Fritz J. Sedlazeck, Ph.D.

Associate ProfessorBaylor College of Medicine

Dr. Fritz Sedlazeck completed his PhD in 2012 in the group of Dr. Arndt von Haeseler at the Max F. Perutz Laboratory in Vienna. After a two-year postdoc, he transitioned to the lab of Dr. Michael Schatz at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and later to Johns Hopkins University. Since 2017 he leads his own group at the Human Genome Sequencing Centre at Baylor College of Medicine. His research focuses on developing computational methods to detect and analyze genomic variations with a focus on Structural Variations. Structural Variations are genomic events that manipulate multiple positions in a genome, which impact on evolution, genomic disorders, regulation as well as play an important role in explaining multiple phenotypes. Dr. Sedlazeck groups focuses on the mechanisms of the formation of SV across multiple species and to improve our understanding how these complex alleles evolve and impact phenotypes. Over the past years, Dr. Sedlazeck lead multiple efforts from large scale short reads (e.g. Topmed, CCDG) to long reads (CARD, All of US) to study occurrence and mechanism of SV. In addition, he is a key member of multiple consortia leading research into the impact of SV and the plasticity of genomes/species in general.