Wigard Kloosterman headshot

Wigard Kloosterman, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific OfficerFrame Therapeutics & Cyclomics

Wigard Kloosterman is Chief Scientific Officer at Frame Therapeutics, a biotech start-up aiming at revolutionising cancer immunotherapy based on novel technology for detection of neoantigens derived from frame-shift mutations and genomic rearrangementsHe is an expert is cancer genomics and bioinformatics and he has previously served as a group leader at the University Medical Center in Utrecht (Netherlands), where he focused on the analysis of cancer genomes through advanced sequencing technologies. His group has been among the first to use long-read sequencing technologies for analysis of human genomes with complex chromosomal rearrangements. Furthermore, he has initiated several projects to apply long-read sequencing for diagnostic purposes in oncology and human genetics. As a spin-off from these activities, he founded Cyclomics, a start-up dedicated to early cancer detection from liquid biopsies using Nanopore sequencing technology. Besides his role at Frame Therapeutics, he serves as Chief Scientific Officer at Cyclomics.