Matthew Meyerson, MD, PhD

Director Cancer Genomics, Institute Member and Director Cancer Genomics, Professor of PathologyDana-Farber Cancer Institute, Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School

Matthew Meyerson joined the Dana-Farber and Harvard Medical School faculty in 1998, with the goal of using genomic approaches to discover the causes of human diseases, particularly lung cancer. In 2004, the Meyerson laboratory, working in collaboration with Dana-Farber colleagues Bill Sellers, Pasi Jänne, Bruce Johnson and others, discovered that recurrent mutations in the epidermal growth factor receptor gene, EGFR, in lung adenocarcinoma, dictated clinical response to EGFR kinase inhibitors including erlotinib and gefitinib. This finding was corroborated by parallel observations from the Haber and Varmus groups and was a harbinger of today’s precision medicine approach to cancer care whereby cancer treatment can be targeted directly to each cancer’s unique molecular profile. Dr. Meyerson’s group has since made many major genome discoveries in human lung cancer. The Meyerson laboratory has also pioneered many experimental and computational methods in cancer genomics, including cutting-edge methods for sequence analysis of single cell cancer genomes, analysis of circulating tumor DNA in patient blood samples, and for discovery of disease-causing pathogens by analysis of human tissue DNA. In addition to serving as Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber, Dr. Meyerson has served as director of the Center for Cancer Genome Discovery since 2005, where he spearheaded development of the “Profile” test for cancer genome analysis that is now routinely offered to all patients at Dana-Farber. From 2015, he also serves as director of the expanded PROFILE program at DFCI, with a renewed focus on continuous integration of genomic discoveries into the test and its rapid clinical translation. In 2010, Dr. Meyerson, along with Drs. Todd Golub, Eric Lander and Levi Garraway, created Foundation Medicine, a cancer genome diagnostics company that has grown into one of the world’s leading companies dedicated to applying precision medicine approaches to cancer care.
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