Employee Resource Groups

Connecting our people through common interests.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led, self-directed voluntary groups that offer opportunities to network internally, attract a diverse employee base, provide the inclusion of ideas and solutions, and create opportunities for mentoring and career development. Each ERG has an advisor from our senior management team and co-leads who are responsible for the strategic guidance, communications and activities of the group. JAX provides each ERG with $2,500 annually to support activities.

ERGs are open to all employees on a voluntary basis and employees do NOT have to be a member of the specific identity group in order to be active with the ERG (for example, non-binary men and women can be involved with Women In Science and Engineering (WISE).)

Employees who join ERGs can:

  • Help JAX by increasing awareness and knowledge around specific identities or topics in the workplace
  • Identify opportunities for us to become more inclusive.
  • Identify best practices throughout the organization and get those communicated as broadly as possible for others to continue using.
  • Provide greater opportunities to connect with senior management.
  • Form greater camaraderie amongst employees at all levels of the organization.

JAX ERGs include:

  • BELIEVE (Black Employees Leading in Education Vision and Excellence): Build a community within JAX that promotes inclusion, diversity, and excellence.
  • DCI (Disability & Chronic Illness): Support group dedicated to the awareness and inclusion of those with disabilities, chronic illness, their caregivers, and allies.
  • Desi: Foster awareness and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of the Indian subcontinent by providing learning opportunities and community-building events for JAX employees.
  • JAX Parents: Serve and support employees who strive to balance work life and parenting.
  • JAX Pride: Community for LGBTQ+employees and allies
  • Todos Nosotros: Welcome to all interested in Latinx culture and heritage, regardless of ethnic or gender affiliation.    
  • WiSE: Women in Science and Education