Shanghai, China

Our work in China is integral to our global mission to improve human health.

With the goal of supporting the global research community to accelerate impactful discoveries, the JAX team in Shanghai empowers academic and drug discovery scientists in China by improving access to mouse models that better represent the genetic and biological complexity of the human condition, and by delivering local support and services that further the China research community’s understanding of human genomics and the use of model systems to uncover cures for disease.

In addition to providing improved access to the 11,000+ strains of JAX® Mice, the entire Aged B6J and JAX® NSG™ model portfolios are now available to Chinese researchers. JAX has established complete assurance and control of the entire supply chain of JAX® Mice, from production in the U.S. to arrival at clients’ sites in China, thereby ensuring quality and timeliness.

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