Sacramento, California

The Laboratory's state-of-the-art Sacramento facility provides JAX® Mice and extensive in vivo, cancer and stem cell services to the pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical research communities throughout the western United States and Canada.

The Jackson Laboratory's recent relocation and significant expansion into its $40 million California facility is grounded in a strong commitment to its West Coast customer base. It's also linked to the geographic reality that the distance between Sacramento and our laboratory mouse breeding facilities in Maine is farther than the 3,247 miles that separate Bar Harbor and Paris.

Mouse strains once trucked cross-country to West Coast academic and commercial laboratories are now provided on shorter notice, some within 24 to 48 hours versus eight to 10 days. This capability also lowers the cost per mouse by as much as 25 percent. About 150 employees work at the 85,000-square-foot facility.

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