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At The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), we are discovering precise genomic solutions for disease and empowering the global biomedical community in the shared quest to improve human health. We believe that in order to sustain this mission, it is crucial to collaborate with a variety of external stakeholders, especially those in the private sector.

At JAX, there are countless ways for your organization to get involved. Whether you’re looking to sponsor long-term research partnerships, share your thought leadership at workshops and events, connect with our esteemed faculty or support our students in the STEM education pipeline, JAX’s Corporate Engagement staff wants to work with you to create customized strategic opportunities that support your company’s goals.

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To learn more about how your company can get involved with JAX, please contact Casey Ames at, or complete the engagement request form.

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JAX provides a unique bridge across experimental, translational and clinical contexts. Our research faculty champion collaborative science to integrate mouse genetics and human genomics to understand the underlying causes of human health and disease. The result is multidisciplinary team science that catalyzes discovery across the research spectrum. Below are just a few research areas with which your company can get involved at JAX.


Researchers at JAX’s National Cancer Institute designated Cancer Center combine patient and experimental data with advanced genomic capabilities to understand cancer mechanisms and identify therapeutic targets. Their ultimate goal is to provide patients with personalized therapies precisely tailored to each individual’s cancer.


JAX researchers are investigating the complex mechanisms that regulate and maintain neural function and how they are disrupted in Alzheimer’s disease, addiction, vision disorders, and neuromuscular disease. Their research is essential to finding the underlying causes of neurological diseases and to provide insight necessary for the development of early detection screens and effective disease interventions.


As a world leader in developing, validating, and disseminating mouse models, JAX is uniquely suited to deriving deep data at the mouse-human interface. This iterative process — from human to mouse and back to human — is forging new paths toward precision medicine by predicting individual health outcomes.


Since George Snell won the 1980 Nobel Prize for his work unraveling the genetics of the major histocompatibility complex, JAX researchers have been at the forefront of immunology research. Current work includes investigating how to elicit an immune response that targets and destroys cancer cells, understanding how the immune system contributes to diseases of aging, exploring the complex interplay between the immune system and microbes, and improving model systems to enable more relevant study of human immune responses.


JAX® Mice are the industry standard for animal model research. From custom model development to colony management to in vivo pharmacology services, JAX provides researchers around the world with unparalleled resources for basic research and pre-clinical efficacy testing of therapeutics.


JAX can connect your company to innovative leaders and pioneers in biomedicine, including:

  • Nearly 3,000 scientists, technicians, and support staff
  • 65+ principal investigators
  • Prominent executive leadership
  • Respected Board of Trustees
  • Passionate philanthropists
  • The next generation of scientists, through our various education programs


Join JAX in building a strong biomedical workforce as we engage and empower students, researchers, clinicians and educators at all stages of their careers. Together we can support:

  • High school and undergraduate students through our prestigious Summer Student Program, held annually since 1931.
  • High school science educators by equipping them to teach modern genetics and genomics concepts using hands-on experiments and real-world applications.
  • Graduate, predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees as they gain knowledge and skills that advance their journey to becoming independent researchers.
  • Healthcare professionals, including primary care providers, who want to integrate the power of genomics into clinical practice.
  • Future physician-scientists through Postbacc at JAX, a fellowship opportunity designed to increase diversity and inclusion in the field.