Stock No: 006907
Protocol 22972: Standard PCR Assay - Tg(APOC3)3707Bres
Version 1.3


This assay will NOT distinguish hemizygous from homozygous transgenic animals.

Internal Positive Control (IPC) band does not typically amplify when transgene is present.
The genotyping protocol(s) presented here have been optimized for reagents and conditions used by The Jackson Laboratory (JAX). To genotype animals, JAX recommends researchers validate the assay independently upon receipt of animals into their facility. Reaction cycling temperature and times may require additional optimization based on the specific genotyping reagents used.

Expected Results

Transgene = 173 bp
Internal positive control = 200 bp
Separated by gel electrophoresis on a 3.0% agarose gel.

JAX Protocol

Protocol Primers

Primer 5' Label Sequence 5' → 3' 3' Label Primer Type Reaction Note
oIMR6799 AGC TGG CAT AGC AGA GGT GT Transgene Forward A
oIMR6800 GCA GCC TCT CAT TTG GAA AG Transgene Reverse A
oIMR8744 CAA ATG TTG CTT GTC TGG TG Internal Positive Control Forward A
oIMR8745 GTC AGT CGA GTG CAC AGT TT Internal Positive Control Reverse A

Reaction A

Component Final Concentration
Kapa 2G HS buffer 1.30 X
MgCl2 2.60 mM
dNTP KAPA 0.26 mM
oIMR6799 0.50 uM
oIMR6800 0.50 uM
oIMR8744 0.50 uM
oIMR8745 0.50 uM
Glycerol 6.50 %
Dye 1.00 X
Kapa 2G HS taq polym 0.03 U/ul


Step Temp °C Time Note
1 94.0 --
2 94.0 --
3 65.0 -- -0.5 C per cycle decrease
4 68.0 --
5 -- repeat steps 2-4 for 10 cycles (Touchdown)
6 94.0 --
7 60.0 --
8 72.0 --
9 -- repeat steps 6-8 for 28 cycles
10 72.0 --
11 10.0 -- hold
JAX uses a very high speed Taq (~1000 bp/sec), use cycling times recommended for your reagents.
JAX uses a 'touchdown' cycling protocol and therefore has not calculated the optimal annealing temperature for each set of primers.

Strains Using This Protocol

This is the only strain that uses this protocol.