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New research effort to understand role of APOE mutation in Alzheimer’s disease

Inheriting a specific genetic variant, APOEε4, is linked with 15-20 percent rise in risk of developing Alzheimer’s, with at least 20 other genes implicated. JAX researchers are studying how APOEε4 risk depends on other genes, in mice with a wide variety of genetic backgrounds.

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Tuning in to the inner ear

Basile Tarchini, Ph.D., is working to understand the basic mechanisms underlying hair cell development, with the goal of restoring hearing following injury.

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Cancer and its immune environment bioprinted and reproduced live and in 3D

New 3D bioprinting technique creates a platform for precision immunotherapy study.

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Breeding and Rederivation Services

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In Vivo Pharmacology

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Mouse Cryopreservation, Recovery and Strain Submission

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Surgical and Preconditioning Services

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JAX mice phone number is 1-800-422-6423 JAX mice phone number is 1-800-422-6423
Greg Carter, Alzheimer

The Carter Lab

Associate Professor Greg Carter and his team are working at the intersection between patient and mouse research to develop accurate disease models of Alzheimer's disease and develop effective therapies.

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