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Vol. 3 No. 3 | Fall 2010

Find the right path
Professor Gary Churchill Ph.D., tackles challenges few others can in both genetics and climbing.

Around the clock
Join us as we follow Laboratory employees doing their jobs on a busy summer day.

Making life better
Susan Desmond Hellmann's experiences reflect her drive to find not just better therapies but cures for cancer.

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Vol. 3 No. 2 | Summer 2010

Drop by drop
Katelyn Denbow lives with Alström syndrome,
a rare genetic disease.

Man with a mission
Rich Gurin knows how to catch people's attention, whether he's talking about crayons or better health.

The next generation
The Laboratory enters the genomic research era with a new DNA sequencer that opens a world of opportunities.

Racing time
Duchenne muscular dystrophy has no cure. Yet. An amazing family is working to change that.

Razor sharp
John Fitzpatrick makes sure the Laboratory's facilities function as efficiently as possible.

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Vol. 3 No. 1 | Winter 2010

Passing it forward
Stefanie Jeffrey, M.D., works to help cancer patients now and to create a better future.

Big Fish, better mice
Leonard "Lenny" Shultz, Ph.D., came to where the fishing is good and the mice are the best around.

The pain stops here
Jill Recla is a graduate student already on the forefront of chronic pain research.

Live long, live well
Bestselling author Harry Lodge, M.D., wants living more years to also mean living good years.

Leap of faith
Jackson summer student Ceslee Montgomery takes a giant leap toward her bright future.

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Vol. 2 No. 3 | Fall 2009

Full circle
Professor Muriel Davisson's career brought her right back home.

A voice for lupus
Taylor Hancock joins forces with The Jackson Laboratory in her battle against lupus.

Mapping the dragon genome
Researchers use a mythical beast to teach high school students very real genetics.

Radio active
Joe Palca covers the big science stories for NPR and finds all of them interesting.

Twin tracks
The Summer Student Program pointed Anne and Erin Spillane down the same path.

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