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June 30, 2015/The Jackson Laboratory
Antibiotic treatments could affect pediatric development, animal study suggests
Mice that receive sporadic, high-level doses of antibiotics—emulating typical prescriptions for children—experience significant changes in body composition and microbiome, according to research published June 30 in Nature Communications.

June 29, 2015/The Jackson Laboratory
Microbiome researcher Julia Oh, Ph.D., joins The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine faculty
Dr. Oh studies the human microbiome—the diverse bacteria, fungi, and viruses that inhabit our bodies—for its potential to deliver treatments for infectious and other diseases.

June 23, 2015/The Jackson Laboratory
Albert Cheng, Ph.D., expert in genome editing and gene regulation, joins faculty
The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine has appointed Albert Cheng, Ph.D., an expert in genome editing technologies and gene regulation, as an assistant professor.

June 23, 2015/The Jackson Laboratory
Steven Munger, Ph.D., researcher in computational genomics and sex determination, named assistant professor
The Jackson Laboratory has appointed Steven Munger, Ph.D., to its research faculty as an assistant professor, after three years as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of JAX Professor Gary Churchill, Ph.D.

June 16, 2015/The Jackson Laboratory
Eastern Maine Medical Center and JAX Genomic Medicine start clinical trial of JAX cancer treatment profile
Eastern Maine Medical Center Cancer Care is working with The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine to conduct a clinical observation study of the JAX Cancer Treatment Profile for solid-tumor patients without standard treatment options.

June, 10, 2015/The Jackson Laboratory
Jackson Laboratory researchers report faster, higher throughput alternative to microinjection to deliver CRISPR/Cas9 system in mediated mouse genome editing
Jackson Laboratory researchers have shown that using an electric current to deliver the CRISPR/Cas9 system, in order to engineer genetic changes in laboratory mice, is highly efficient and significantly improves the system’s throughput.

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