Donate a strain to The Jackson Laboratory Repository

Why donate a strain?

  • Donating reduces your costs of maintaining strains, lab personnel, shipping and resources.
  • Each donated strain is cryopreserved, protecting against accidental loss and genetic contamination.
  • Each donated strain is rederived to a high health status and may be resupplied  to donors (up to 3 breeder pairs as long as we have live mice available)
  • Donating fulfills NIH obligations to share mice.

How strain donation works

Strains are submitted by investigators for distribution to the scientific community. All repository strains are cryopreserved.

All strains are evaluated monthly by the Genetic Resource Committee (GRC). The GRC is made up of staff scientists and resource managers from The Jackson Laboratory. The GRC recommends which strains are most appropriate to include in the Repository. You will be notified by email after your strain has been reviewed.

Donation evaluation criteria

  • Importance of its current use for research, publication history, and current demand
  • Importance of its anticipated or potential future use
  • Difficulty of maintenance relative to scientific value
  • Existence and reliability of other resources that would ensure its survival
  • Difficulty of re-creating the strain relative to the time and effort required for its importation and preservation

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