Dr. Edward H. Birkenmeier (1947-1996)


Ed BirkenmeierEdward H. Birkenmeier, 1947-1996, was a member of the scientific staff of The Jackson Laboratory for sixteen years and a Senior Staff Scientist for five.

In his research program at The Jackson Laboratory, Dr. Birkenmeier used a molecular genetic approach to develop and study mouse models for human diseases, especially:

In 1992, Dr. Birkenmeier and his colleagues successfully used gene replacement therapy to correct the genetic defect in the MPS VII lysosomal storage disease model. Dr. Birkenmeier's bibliography is available for further reference.

Ed BirkenmeierIn addition to his research interests, Dr. Birkenmeier was active in the training programs at the Laboratory, serving as co-director of the annual Short Course in Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics and the graduate course in Experimental Genetics of the Laboratory Mouse. He also developed a Bacteriology Course for second graders at the local elementary school. The program has continued and, with the support of the Jax Lab Education Office and volunteers from the staff, has expanded to include all of the schools on Mount Desert Island and schools in Trenton, Ellsworth, Dedham, Blue Hill and Cranberry Islands. He had a keen interest in human evolution, keeping current with the literature and presenting lectures on the subject at the Short Course.



Ed, with second graders at Connors-Emerson
School, 1994 - Photo credit: Peter Travers