Most widely used strains

Strains available only from the Cytogenetics and Down Syndrome Models Repository are listed in the table below. Stock numbers link to the strain datasheet which includes information on aberration details, genotyping protocols, pricing to assist you with purchasing decisions, and links to useful references.

Aberration Stock # Strain Status
Ts(17<16>)65Dn 001924 B6EiC3Sn-a/A-Ts(1716)65Dn Repository - Live
Ts(17<16>)65Dn 005252 B6EiC3Sn.BLiA-Ts(1716)65Dn/DnJ Repository - Live
Rb(12.Ts17<16>65Dn)2Cje 004850 B6EiC3Sn-Rb(12.Ts171665Dn)2Cje/CjeDnJ Repository - Live
N/A (control) N/A Wild-type from the same colony Repository - Live
N/A (mate for 001924 or 004850) 001875


Repository - Live
N/A (mate for 005252) 003647

(C57BL/6JEiJ x C3Sn.BLiA-Pde6b+/DnJ)F1/J

Repository - Live
Ts(16C4-tel)1Cje  004861  B6EiC3Sn-Ts(12<16C-tel>)1Cje Cryopreserved - Ready for Recovery
Rb(6.16)24Lub 000885 STOCK Rb(6.16)24Lub Cryopreserved - Ready for Recovery
Rb(16.17)Bnr 000615 STOCK Rb(16.17)7Bnr Cryopreserved - Ready for Recovery

Obtaining mice

The Cytogenetics and Down Syndrome Resource is funded by an NICHD/NIH contract; first time users are required to fill out a request form for mice. Please complete and submit the request form to NIH.  Your order must be placed with our Customer Service Department at 1-800-422-MICE or (207) 288-5845, or fax to 207-288-6150.

Comprehensive lists of JAX® Mice strains by chromosomal aberration:

This Resource is supported by NICHD contract #HHSN275201000006. Please reference this funding from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/NIH in citations acknowledging use of the resource.