JAX Genomic Medicine will help Maine

For decades The Jackson Laboratory has been Downeast Maine's single largest employer. From its humble beginnings with a staff of eight scientists in 1929, the Laboratory has now grown to more than 1,200 employees in Bar Harbor. That Bar Harbor headcount, which continues to grow with each passing month, ranks the Laboratory among Maine’s largest employers.

What will the Connecticut facility mean for Bar Harbor operations? More jobs. More growth. More revenues. Not unlike what happened after The Jackson Laboratory expanded into northern California in 2000, when some feared that the expansion would erode the Laboratory’s Bar Harbor operations. In fact, JAX has added hundreds of jobs in Bar Harbor since creating The Jackson Laboratory—West — three times as many jobs as were created in Sacramento. Looking ahead, the Laboratory is planning to increase the number of research faculty in Bar Harbor by at least one-third within the next five years.

The personalized medicine industry in the United States is worth $286 billion in 2011 and is growing by 11 percent annually, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The Jackson Laboratory — in Bar Harbor, in Sacramento and soon in Connecticut — is growing with it. By focusing on personalized medicine, JAX is creating new high-paying jobs, including jobs in Maine.

Dr. Edison Liu“We believe that our success in Connecticut will prove to be a boon for Maine, as well."

Dr. Edison Liu, President and CEO