Why JAX Genomic Medicine is so important

Important for better health care

The genome is a complete genetic blueprint that is unique to each person. JAX Genomic Medicine will investigate how each piece of the genome contributes to health and disease and how our genomes can guide personalized medical care tailored to the individual. JAX researchers will collaborate with Connecticut’s leading medical institutions, including the University of Connecticut Health Center and other hospitals and physician groups across Connecticut. JAX Genomic Medicine will unite  doctors, patients, scientists and industry to find new ways to predict, prevent, diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer, heart disease, infectious diseases, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. 

Important for Connecticut’s economy

JAX Genomic Medicine will establish Connecticut as a leader in the high-growth field of genomics-based, personalized medicine. It will stimulate long-term job growth in the bioscience industry by attracting a critical mass of scientists, clinicians and technical workers. The institute will employ 300 people within the first 10 years and more than 600 people within 20 years. Discoveries at JAX Genomic Medicine will speed the creation of a new biomedical industry and businesses in the region, and the Laboratory's presence will spur other job creation in Connecticut. Jobs in scientific equipment, supplies and technical services will support JAX operations, while jobs in housing, retail, energy, food, education and transportation will support JAX employees and their families.

Expansion in Connecticut will facilitate growth in Maine.

Yijun Ruan, Ph.D."Genomic medicine is the future, and that future is bright."

—Yijun Ruan, Ph.D., director, JAX Genomic Medicine