Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

1. Inspection and acceptance: Inspection and acceptance will be at destination as indicated on this Purchase Order, unless otherwise provided.  Until delivery and acceptance, risk of loss will be on The Vendor.  All non-conforming or damaged goods will be returned to The Vendor for full credit and full reimbursement of return shipping costs.

2. Variation in quantity: No variation in the quantity of items called for by this Purchase Order will be accepted unless a partial shipment has been authorized by a The Jackson Laboratory purchasing agent in advance of shipment.

3. Change orders: Any revisions to the requirements, specifications, terms, and / or conditions of this Purchase Order shall be authorized only by the issuance of a written amendment by The Jackson Laboratory.

4. Blanket purchase order: If this Purchase Order covers multiple deliveries, individual shipment quantities, and/or dates this will be requested by a The Jackson Laboratory purchasing agent unless such information is on the Purchase Order.

5. Pricing: Pricing delineated within this Purchase Order shall be regarded as firm fixed pricing, to be effective through the entire term of this Purchase Order and The Jackson Laboratory shall not honor pricing contingent upon and / or in effect at time of shipment.

6. Warranty: The Vendor warrants that materials provided under this Purchase Order meet the specifications for the materials.  For equipment The Vendor warrants the performance of the equipment for one year from the date of receipt or installation, whichever is later.  If the material or equipment fails to meet The Jackson Laboratory’s requirements, The Vendor will replace or repair the material/equipment.  For services, The Vendor warrants that services provided will meet the professional standards of such services and will correct any deficiency in the services.

7. Taxes: The Jackson Laboratory is a 501 (c) (3) organization and, upon request, will provide a tax exempt certificate.  If and when taxes (local, county, state or federal) are applicable, The Vendor shall invoice The Jackson Laboratory for taxes that pertain to supplies, equipment, and/or services that are subject to such taxes.  If there are any questions or a certificate is required, The Vendor shall contact the The Jackson Laboratory purchasing agent.

8. Discounts: Discount time will be computed from date of delivery at place of acceptance or from receipt of correct invoice at the office specified by the buyer, whichever is later. Payment is made, for discount purposes, when check is mailed.

9. Invoice requirements: An invoice is The Vendor’s bill or written request for payment under the contract for supplies delivered or services performed. A proper invoice is an "Original" which must include the items listed in subdivisions (a) through (h) below. If the invoice does not comply with these requirements, The Vendor will be notified of the defect by the The Jackson Laboratory accounts payable group. Untimely notification will be taken into account in the computation of any interest penalty owed to The Vendor.

a. Name, address, and EIN of The Vendor.
b. Invoice date.
c. Purchase Order Number.
d. Description, quantity, unit of measure, unit price, and extended price of supplies delivered or services performed.
e. Shipping and payment terms follow standard terms unless stated otherwise.
i. Standard Terms: Shipping (FOB Origin), Payment (Net 30)
f. Name and complete mailing address where payment is to be sent.
g. Name (where practicable), title, phone number and mailing address of person to be notified in event of a defective invoice.
h. Any other information or documentation required by the purchase order (such as evidence of shipment).

10. Time of delivery: Time of delivery is of the essence for this order. If the delivery date shown on Purchase Order cannot be met, The Vendor shall inform The Jackson Laboratory immediately. Such notification shall not, however, constitute a change to the delivery terms of this Purchase Order except as the Purchase Order may be modified in writing by The Jackson Laboratory.
a. For Purchase Orders with a best efforts delivery date, The Vendor shall exert its best effort to meet the agreed upon delivery schedule and shall inform the The Jackson Laboratory purchasing agent of the estimated delivery date as soon as it is known.  If the estimated delivery date is beyond the agreed upon schedule and the The Jackson Laboratory purchasing agent determines that the estimated delivery date is not acceptable, the order may be cancelled.

11. Insurance and statutory obligations: If any part of the Purchase Order involves The Vendor’s performance on The Jackson Laboratory’s premises or at any place where The Jackson Laboratory conducts operations, or with material or equipment furnished to The Vendor by The Jackson Laboratory, The Vendor will indemnify The Jackson Laboratory for any injury to person or property caused by The Vendor in the performance of the work described in this Purchase Order.  The Vendor shall maintain public liability, personal injury, and property damage insurance and employer’s liability insurance, in an amount determined by The Jackson Laboratory to be appropriate.  Where a contract is referenced in the Purchase Order, the insurance requirements in the contract shall be met.  The Vendor shall produce evidence of such insurance upon request by The Jackson Laboratory.

12. Compliance with laws and regulations: The Vendor shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the provision of the work and/or materials included in this Purchase Order, including providing Workers’ Compensation coverage.

13. Contracts: For Purchase Orders covering construction, services, or other items covered by a separate contract, the terms and conditions of the contract take precedence over the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order.

14. Hazardous material: All potential hazardous material shipments must be accompanied with a Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

15. Debarment clause: By accepting this Purchase Order or any part of it, The Vendor certifies that it, or its principals, are not debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by the Federal Government. Debarment, suspension, or proposed debarment by the Federal Government constitutes grounds for automatic termination of this Purchase Order.

Purchase order terms and conditions definitions
• “The Vendor” shall be referred as the company listed on said Purchase Order.


Last Modified: October 01, 2012